รถบรรทุก SANY SKT90MT
รถบรรทุก SANY SKT90MT
รถบรรทุก SANY SKT90MT
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รถบรรทุก SKT90MT

รถบรรทุก SKT90MT

60 tons off-highway wide-body mining vehicle
Gross Power : 338KW(460hp)/2100rpm
Max. Torque : 1870N.m(1379lb.ft)/1500rpm
Displacement : 11.596 L(702 i in³)

รถบรรทุก SKT90MT

Engine Model Weichai WP12G460E310
Gross Power(2100rpm) 338Kw(460hp)/2100rpm
Max. Torque(1300rpm) 1870N.m(1379lb.ft)/1500rpm
Displacement 11.596 L(702 i in³)
Gear Box 7DS200K
Axle Heavy duty axle with full floating axle shafts
Brake System Full pneumatic actuator, shoe and drum braking system.Independent front and rear double loop control
Tires Diagonal Tyre 14.00-25(36PR)
Rated Payload 60000Kg(132000lb)
Heaped(2:1) 35m³
Min. Turning Radius 5750mm
Gross Operating Weight 90000kg(198000lb)

SKT90 series wide-body mining truck is the star product of mining machinery. It has AT/MT two products, with a load of 70 tons. It is equipped with genuine imported engine and gearbox, main pump and main valve hydraulics provided by world famous manufacturers. It has five major core advantages of safety, reliability, economicality, efficiency and comfort. Its technology reaches the international first class design level!

SKT90 series wide-body mining truck is characterized by low fuel consumption, strong stability, high attendance rate, high reliability, short turning radius and strong adaptability to tough working conditions. and its design life is longer than 5 years. Because of the outstanding advantages of high reliability and cost-effective products, the sales are widely spread in coal, steel, water and hydropower, cement, building materials and other fields at domestic and foreign markets, and is widely praised by customers!


The frame, Axle and suspension are all strengthened, suitable formining conditions;

The vehicle is wide and short ,with good stability and passability ;

The bucket is widened and matched with the excavator bucket,which has high work efficiency;

Good safety for working conditions with short distance, sharp bend and steep slope;

Air filter uses three filters to effectively protect the engine;

Low vehicle maintenance costs