Service Centers

After sales service

After-sales service from SANY Thaiyont company by a team of specialized technicians who will assist you to take care of your machinery throughout the lifetime by using the policy 1137 in operation


Service Contract Package

Package for PM service by SANY Thaiyont’s experienced service team that will assist you to take care of the machinery to be ready to use at all times, from PM 500 hours to 13,000 hours in a package that is worthwhile for all customers to use the machinery to operate the business continuously and smoothly.


Within 1 hour, the team must respond to the work and notify the repair plan to the customer.


Within 1 day, technicians must be delivered to customers or on-site.


Within 3 days, the amendment must be completed.


Within 7 days. If repairing cannot be done in 3 days, the machinery must be procured for replacement and find solutions in order not to affect the customer’s work plan or processes.