• Operating Weight 17000 KG
  • Max Power 164kW/2200 rpm
  • Max. Lifting Height 4132 mm
  • Bucket capacity 3.0 cubic meter
  • Max. Articulation Angle 40 °


Safe and Comfortable cabin
Cabin with high-grade trim parts, wide view, suspended seat, excellent vibration damping and noise reduction performance, the driving experience will be more comfortable

Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Assembling the SANY machinery is divided into 2 lines. Production is RGV production line and automatic welding robot. Has a high precision machining center. Auto Robot-welding Process can ensure accurate strong and durable structure.

Maintenance- Within Easy reach
-The engine oil change is designed to drain the valve outside the cover to allow oil change. Without removing the cover.
-Large-area covering part is used. After it is opened, daily maintenance can be carried ouy on the ground thus the maintenance is convenient and accessibility is good.

Warranty Standard 18 months or 3,000 hours

PM Filter/Liquid 7,000 hours

10 Main Parts Warranty 7,000 hours

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