Second-hand Excavators


We provide second-hand products such as excavators or machines. All products are not older than 10 years old and had gone through the recondition process by professional technicians. At SANY we provide warranties for the durability of the whole using period according to our terms and conditions, so they are ready to work. Secondhand Excavator so they are ready to work.

You can use our second-hand products satisfyingly as they meet the standards. Moreover, we provide our customers with various special offers. We guarantee: It will be worth it, as we only sell products with quality!

We are ready to serve you with the best after-sale services that we provide with sincerity and carefulness. Should there be any problem with the machines or should you have any questions about the operation, we have a professional customer support team to take care of you for the whole using periodSpare part service centers are also available with genuine parts of SANY. We are sure that this will fulfill our customer’s need for spare parts or additional parts successfully.

All of the spare parts are delivered directly from the head office with world-class standard manufacturing processes. Excavator spare parts, backhoe loader spare parts, backhoe excavator spare parts.

Second-hand excavators, second-hand machines

We proudly introduce you to our second-hand equipment. These products had been gone through the recondition process by professional technicians. We provide warranties for the durability of the whole using period according to our terms and conditions. This way, you could pay less but feel more comfortable with high-quality equipment along with attractive offers for you.

At SANY’s second-hand excavator centers, different payment methods are available: cash, and pay in installments. The available products are both in ready-to-use condition or general condition as they were sold. Have we awakened your interest? See our second-hand excavators.

รถขุดมือสอง รถขุด มือสอง

Excavators, backhoe loaders, backhoe excavators, second-hand backhoe excavators, second-hand backhoes, second-hand equipment. SANY Thaiyont Co., Ltd. Is a center of high-quality second-hand excavators, backhoe excavators, and heavy equipment of the brand SANY which are suitable for agricultural and construction work, canal work, pipe construction, and mine operations. Available second-hand backhoes are available in different sizes: 3 tons, 5 tons, 7 tons, 20 tons, and up to 75 tons. We have delivery service for the whole country and a professional technician team with more than 30 years of experience to help you with your new machine.

Mini excavator models SY35U, SY55C, and SY75C are excavators with a weight of 3.5-7.5 tons. They are practical for narrow work conditions with barriers. Their sizes allow you to work untroubledly in limited space.

Medium excavators are excavators with 13 -25 tons of weight. They are excellent choices for customers. They are built with a hydraulic system, which has been proven for the strength of their body structure and understructure. With this, we ensure the efficiency and stability of your long working hours in extreme work situations with a long-distance checking system, a real-time dynamic check system for excavating, and a long-distance error analyzing system.

Large excavators are excavators with 35-80 tons of weight. They are ideal for heavy excavating and large construction work, such as airports and damn. They come with a fast engine and fast-digging performance along with an energy-saving system and automatic speed reduction system.

Sany Leasing สินเชื่อเครื่องจักรงานก่อสร้างที่จะทำให้คุณซื้อ ขาย ง่ายขึ้น

Required documents for a credit application

  • Basic form for the credit application (provided by seller)
  • Price quote (provided by seller)
  • Certificate of Value Added Tax Registration (PP.20) in case of the VAT system
  • Permits
  • Identification card of authorized signatory and guarantor
  • House registration of authorized signatory and guarantor
  • Latest 3 months bank statement
  • Work contract

In the case of a juristic person, additional documents are required as follows

  • Certificate of company registration (not older than 3 months)
  • List of shareholders
  • Latest 3 years annual financial statement
  • Other documents (if available) when the credit is approved

SANY Leasing will contact customers to

- Sign contract

- Pay down payment

- Prepare prepaid cheque for installment payment according to the approved duration and credit amount from SANY Leasing