Popular excavator 13 tons

รถขุดดิน รุ่นยอดนิยม SY135C Standard & SY135C Long Arm

Popular excavator 13 tons SY135C

Tough excavator for rough work, fuel saving!

SY135C Standard suitable for general and construction work SY135C Long Arm suitable for digging and groundwork
Engine: ISUZU GN3-4JJI
Hydraulic pump: Kawasaki (K7V63DTPIX9R)
Bucket capacity: 0.6 m3
Trackshoe size: 700mm

SY135 is a medium excavator with 13.5 tons of digging force. This model is highly popular and suitable for digging, sand, and construction work. It can be used in many different types of work.

* Hydraulic excavator SANY brand, model SY135C
* Engine: ISUZU GN3-4JJI
* Max Power 97.4 HP (73 kW) 2200 rpm
* Bucket capacity 0.6 mᶟ
* Operating Weight 13500 kg.
* rackshoe size: 700mm